Samstag, 18. Dezember 2010

How to organise an indoor Spot !!

Since i'm started to ride BMX in 1999 it was nearly every winter possibil to ride somewhere. I rode already in sport halls of schools, old industrial buildings or just roofed places. After time i found some inofficial rules which works to find the perfect winterspot and this rules works in the past perfectly. A lot of people wrote messages to me that they can't find any possibilties to ride in winter, so i want you to let you know how it always works for me !

1. Nothing will happen, if you don't do it by yourself !!
2. Nothing is for free !!
3. More people more power !!
4. Never give up !!

How to realize:
1. try to involve the city, because goverment likes to support young ideas and to take the youth from the streets (works perfectly in small cities)
2. try to involve local newspaper
3. if you want something bigger try to involve much people as possibil
4. look if already some structurs like you need already existing next to you and try to use the structur for your aims.
5. if you don't get a building for free then just rent a big room because
nothing is for free. Believe me somewhere in the city will be a free room which is just waiting for you.

After you find a spot:
1. structur is everything
2. Make strictly rules, how to use the spot
3. Try to keep the rules always
4. present your activity on every kind of media and newspaper
5. make events
6. Involve young people (next generation)

If you take all this things seriously then it will work to get what you want. Never give up and good luck.

Eberswalde indoor spot (school):

Dnepropetrovsk indoor spot (school):

Stuttgart indoor spot (kunstform?! Office Spot):

Stuttgart indoor spot (secret spot) :

Don't cry because time is running fast!! So Do SOMETHING !!

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