Freitag, 26. August 2011

My Spot at Peschiera del Garda (Italy)

I'm in Italy at the moment and i will be here arround 5 weeks to realize a very very secret mission which i can't talk about this now :-) ! It's very hot here but compare to Abu Dhabi I think Italy is like Antarctica but anyway as a normal middle european person you need a good family pack of calippo water ice to surrive and riding outside is just possibil at the evening.

I was looking for arround one week at the center of peschiere to find a good spot to ride but it was nearly impossibil so i decided to keep far away from civilisation to realize my secret mission and by the way i found somewhere outside of the city but just 2 mins far away from my flat an amazing riding spot. It is a helicopter port which have a perfect floor and there is just nature, mountains and green fields. What is just a bit strange i always look now to the sky and watch for helicopters during i ride. But check it out at my short video !

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