Sonntag, 26. Dezember 2010

Bike show in Bukarest (Romania) with Adam Kun

Adam Kun and me were hired by the Bike Show at Bukarest. We spend some nice days there and of course we did some BMX Shows with an amazing ordiance. Bukarest is a very interessting city.

Thanks to !!

Here the Video of the romania national TV News

First BMX Event of 2011 in Göttingen (Germany) at january 08th january

The year 2011 starts already great because the first event of BMX will be at the 8th of jan in 2011 at Göttingen (Germany) and it's called BMX Ballerinaz.

Here some more information:

Date : 2011/01/08 starts arround 2 p.m
Where: Fun Sport Halle vom SC Hainberg
Bertha-von-Suttner-Str. 2
37085 Göttingen

What: BMX Flatland open class + Miniramp with price by parano garage and FOX-Clothing
Music: DJ Slick Tec (Funk / HipHop)
Sleep: Last time it was possibil to stay there.

Check out this huge riding spot

Hope to see you there!!

Ride On!

The Amplifetes - Somebody New

Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

Powerful !!

The XX - Intro

perfect sunday morning

AIR - Alone in Kyoto

Samstag, 18. Dezember 2010

How to organise an indoor Spot !!

Since i'm started to ride BMX in 1999 it was nearly every winter possibil to ride somewhere. I rode already in sport halls of schools, old industrial buildings or just roofed places. After time i found some inofficial rules which works to find the perfect winterspot and this rules works in the past perfectly. A lot of people wrote messages to me that they can't find any possibilties to ride in winter, so i want you to let you know how it always works for me !

1. Nothing will happen, if you don't do it by yourself !!
2. Nothing is for free !!
3. More people more power !!
4. Never give up !!

How to realize:
1. try to involve the city, because goverment likes to support young ideas and to take the youth from the streets (works perfectly in small cities)
2. try to involve local newspaper
3. if you want something bigger try to involve much people as possibil
4. look if already some structurs like you need already existing next to you and try to use the structur for your aims.
5. if you don't get a building for free then just rent a big room because
nothing is for free. Believe me somewhere in the city will be a free room which is just waiting for you.

After you find a spot:
1. structur is everything
2. Make strictly rules, how to use the spot
3. Try to keep the rules always
4. present your activity on every kind of media and newspaper
5. make events
6. Involve young people (next generation)

If you take all this things seriously then it will work to get what you want. Never give up and good luck.

Eberswalde indoor spot (school):

Dnepropetrovsk indoor spot (school):

Stuttgart indoor spot (kunstform?! Office Spot):

Stuttgart indoor spot (secret spot) :

Don't cry because time is running fast!! So Do SOMETHING !!

Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010

First BMX Day at the BOOST e.V. indoor Skatpark in Stuttgart

Yeahh !! We tried a lot to find a indoor spot in Stuttgart to ride BMX but it so hard to realized that. The Skateboarder in Stuttgart got already years befort an indoor spot but didn't share it with the BMX rider. After all tries missed we start to develop a discuss with the skateboard and we found some result that every week the indoorspot will be for the BMX Rider. Last thursday where the first day and you can get some imagenations from this nice riding day.

Full storie : 1st BMX Day at Boost Skatehall

The Rural Alberta Advantage Frank, AB

I got a lot of messages where people ask about my contest riding song !! Here it is !! Good Mood and a lot of Energy

The Knife - PASS THIS ON

Already some years old but still good to have on your MP3 !!

Tricky - Uk Jamaican

Good Vibe and perfect for riding !!

kunstform?! BMX Shop & Stereo Bikes - Just a fucking roadtrip !!

It was really amazing two weeks with two big cars and an awesome team mix by kunstform?! BMX Shop Team and Stereo Bikes team.

Check out the Iphone edits and take some breath of summer.

Just A F***ing BMX Roadtrip Day 1/2 Lyon from on Vimeo.

Just A F***ing BMX Roadtrip Day 3/4 Marseille/Montpellier from on Vimeo.

Montag, 13. Dezember 2010

Abu Dhabi with 3run

2 Month shows in Abu Dhabi with together with the 3run team and the fac team.
Amazing shows amazing time.

Check as well the awesome video of the 3 run guys

Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010

Southafrica Edit by BMX Direct !!

Southafrica is a very interessting country. Oliver, Johnny and Me wanted to ride with some riders from south africa. And so we we did a roadtrip from Johannesburg to durban to pretoria to maputo in mocambique. We visit amazing spots and very nice peoples. I hope they will visit us one day in germany as well !! Ride On and all the best to South Africa !!

Finally Voucher at kunstform?! BMX Shop

It was really hart for me to realise this new feature at kunstform?! BMX Shop but finally i did it. If you order a voucher you will get a real giftcard which you can use perfect as a nice present.
For Xmas we do as well a special Vocheroffer :

  • kunstform?! 50€ Voucher for only 45.95€
  • kunstform?! 100€ Voucher for only 90.95€
  • kunstform?! 250€ Voucher for only 225.95€
  • kunstform?! 500€ Voucher for only 450.95€
More info at the newsblog of kunstform?! BMX Shop : Voucher for present at kunstform

The Rad Rowdies Rocker bike gang from Vienna

Last week at the Bicylce Film Festival i meet some very crazy and funny guys from Vienna which were member of the famous "Rad Rowdies Gang". Like real biker gang every member have to do some test of courage, there is as well a leader and a unique outfit with neongreen vest like real biker gangs just on bikes !! Check it out !!

Me and my riding II !!

Riding from KHE Flatland School Video !!

Me and my riding !!

Time is running fast ! Few Years ago i was very activ in producing videoclips and i went to every competition. But since two year i'm managing the kunstform?! BMX Shop which have already 8 Workers and so it was a bit quite around me. But from next year i will be back in the game and will more focusing to ride BMX again.

Privat video premiere of my wedding video

Marina & Daniel Wedding
Video premiere
when : 17.12.2010
where : Marina & Daniel's Flat
time : 7 p.m

I married in july in ukraine and there is a lot of other tradtions and some really crazy and funny games.
Arround 15 of my German friends follow me in the ukraine. The hole wedding was documented by an professionell Wedding video cutter and finally after half year he finish the video and i invite everybody who want to see how i celebrate my wedding in ukraine !!

Anthem II Video Premier at the Dillon Club in Stuttgart

The Videopremier at the Dillon Club in Stuttgart was a big success. Around 70 people watch the video and after the video starts the 1. BMX Party in Stuttgart and it was a lot of more people there. Some words about the Anthem II Video : Sean Burns is just amazing !!