Dienstag, 1. November 2011

videos of velohora

Video One !!

The first video is about the main event of the velohora (Chisinau, Moldova) which includes a jumping Show, a BMX Flatland show with Ivan and me, a BMX street show, a Trail show and much much more with good video effects.

Video Two !!

A nice edit of the activities (nightjam, ropejumping and clubbing) which we did beside at the the velohora in chisinau. To ride with spotlight of bikes in the night looks interessting. Nice people, nice city and good times !

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FAC It's BMX - Team Video 2/4 - Sebastian Pospischil

The FAC It's BMX agency will do from every BMX Show rider a profil video which will be used at the team section of the FAC It's BMX Agency Website. The first video which FAC published was the Johnny Krämer edit. The second video is from the one and only Sebastian "Seppl" Pospischil which are riding for FeltBikes and is one of the uniquest BMX Flatland Rider in Germany and one of the nicest person i ever meet ! Check out his good mood edit :