Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013

kunstform?! BMX Shop X-Ray Advert

For our advert campagne 2013 for kunstform?! BMX Shop we decided to do something which happend never before in BMX advertising. Our main focus were to created an advert for the senentence "WE CARE ABOUT DETAILS?!" because this is acutally what we can say about our work :-) ! To get connected the sentence to an image we wanted something where you can see all little details. So fast the idea came about us to create something with X-Ray. First our graphic designer tried to do something with photoshop, but it is nearly impossibil to get an real X-Ray effect with photoshop. So we tried to find a solution because it seems to be that real X-ray of a BMX Bike will be an impossibil mission.  After a while we find out about Nick Veasey an artis from united kingdom which did very interessting X-ray art and got already galleries at famous places all over the world. We found out that Nick is the only human in this world how can do what we want. So we tried to get in contact with him and told him about our idea and he really liked it and put as well a lot of influence in it. In december 2012 we finally traveled to england and Here you can see the making of x-ray kunstform?! BMX Shop campagne 2013.