Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Velohora 2011 - Chisinau (Moldavia)

The Velohora is a great bike event in Chisinau (Moldavia). It is the day without cars so the whole city is full of bikeriders. Beside a big bicycle tour across the city includs the velohora as well the Moldavia freestyle championship and different extrem BMX / MTB shows like dirtjump, park and BMX Flatland. This year me and Ivan Medvedyev from Ukraine were part of the BMX flatland show. It was really a great experience at Chisinau which i visit the first time. I meet a lot of very friendly people and it was a big pleasure for me to be part of such a nice event in such a nice city.

I wish all the best for you guys and hopefully we will rock again together :-) !

some little impression of the BMX Flatland Show

some little impression of the people

some little impression of the event (I think it is the TV Spot ?!)

Samstag, 17. September 2011

It was scarry

Should i or should i not ? All rider of the bmx show team from Kishinev went out to get some adrenalin during a jump from a very high, old buildung outside of Kishinev. It was really a interessting fight in my mind which tooks 2 hours and it was really so scarry because it was very high, not official and i don't have experiences like this.